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DYING Reborn - Horror Creeping Steadily Into Your Consciousness
Release time:2018-04-28 14:55:11

A spine-chilling horror for 3 systems

Horror is an experience that is best enjoyed when you are fully immersed in it. Play a horror game in a dark room, and soon you might even feel like you're no longer alone. DYING: Reborn, available for PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita, promises you a unique experience that will stay with you even when you've shut it off and left your room. "Let's play a game, and maybe it will unlock the memories that you have locked deep within you."You wake up, and your memory's gone. It seems like the only way out of the room is locked. You need to find a way out of it. You are obviously alone, but there is likely a way of escape and it's also likely that there is a clue in the room to help you unlock that door. This is the premise of Dying: Reborn, a dark horror-themed puzzle and escape room game that will have chills running up and down your spine as you try to escape your predicament.

You do so by solving a variety of creative puzzles. You will need to examine your surroundings, and search for the clues hidden all around the rooms. Collect and use the items that you find. By solving the puzzles, you are able to escape the rooms that you're in and thereby progressing in your search for your lost memory. Gather the shards, unlock new parts of the story and discover the mistake that was made in the past. Interact with your surroundings to discover more clues and items that you need to solve the puzzles. Every piece that you touch may be a clue or a required item, listen to the devices in the room, for they may provide even more clues, even if that may not be immediately obvious. Pay attention to everything. Each step and each spooky room brings you closer to your lost memory.Be spooked by the realistic and gritty 3D environment as you move freely in it to find ways out of the eerie rooms that you're in. The hyper-realistic art style of Dying: Reborn reinforces the feeling that you are alone in the world and that it seems like no help will be forthcoming. The music is not too obtrusive and doesn't become too grating on the ears. So, you'll be able to spend a lot of time exploring the rooms immersed in an environment that has really upped the creepy factor by a lot. With each experience of fear, feel the joy of rebirth and being alive. Produced by Nekcom, DYING: Reborn has been developed by some of the most experienced people in the game industry in China. The team has worked on various AAA games for various consoles for companies such as Electronic Arts or ACTIVISION BLIZZARD and has also been involved in the independent development of EA’s first 3D game engine.

Available now on the PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, DYING: Reborn promises you that you will feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you attempt to crack the code to getting your memory back.

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