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Oasis Games Showcases Shenmue 3 at Weplay With Yu Suzuki Making Guest Appearance
Release time:2019-12-17 12:07:20

The last major gaming exhibition in China was held over the weekend of December 7th – 8th at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.Oasis Games was onsite showcasing the PS4 Chinese Version of Shenmue 3 with a unique booth design that highlighted the oriental elements from the game. With the game having just been released the previous month, this was the perfect opportunity for gamers to give this newest title from the classic franchise a try.To make the experience even more special, we brought in a forklift truck, an iconic element from the previous two Shenmue games, and displayed it at the center of the booth, giving many long-time Shenmue fans a joyful surprise.However, without a doubt the most exciting event was Yu Suzuki’s guest appearance at the event. We were honored to invite Yu-san to a short but sweet onstage event where he expressed his thanks to his long-time Chinese fans, talked about his experience producing Shenmue 3.At the end of the onstage event, there was also an interactive segment where Yu-san picked fans to come onstage and compete in mini games from the game such as wood chopping. Everyone who participated received a hand-signed Shenmue 3 poster to take home. We were also overjoyed to see that Yu-san loved the forklift truck and was eager to take advantage of the photo op!At the end of the day, 50 lucky fans were able to attend an hour-long fansign with Yu-san, each person bringing their most prized and valuable items from their Shenmue collection for this long-awaited moment. We were so honored and excited to have invited Yu-san to Weplay, and to have befriended so many passionate fans of the series. For more information on our games, please follow our Twitter or Facebook