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Naruto Online Space time Ninja War Update
Release time:2018-04-28 14:45:22

Space-Time: Introduction

Space-time is a monthly cross-server seasonal activity. It include “combat” and “The strongest Ninja”. In the “combat” will choose 128 player with ranking battle. They will join the single versus model to win the final war .

Unlock level: The participant should be at least level 65.

versus model : The participant could choose 4 ninja to join the combat (include the leading character)Space-Time: Combat

Rules of the contest:

1: On 22:00 everyday .The participant will gain space –point according to their ranks In the meantime. The system will update the rank list.。

2: Gained space –point will accumulate during the combat period which will be the proof of combat rank. 

3: At the end of the combat period. The best 128 players will get involved in the final match: “The strongest Ninja”


1: On 22:00 everyday .The participant will gain space –point & space-time Tokens& coins according to their ranks

2:The participant will get extra bonus when their ranks higher than the past basis.

3: “Space-time Token” can exchange “Ninja Fragments” in the space store.Space-Time·Like

In the world of the Shinobi, Only the best is respected. Let’s see whether you can achieved the best. Respected by other Shinobi/ninja and gain fans.


1: Top 15 players of combat will be Liked by the other player on the next day(If it is the first day of combat ,The participant will be ranked by combat capability.

2: Each player have 3 times for “like” per day. The recharge between 2 “likes” 10 Minutes. This function have coin bonus for players.

3: The top 3 Players in “Like” number will be rewarded a special title. (Lasts 1 days, the titled player will update everyday)

4: When a player of a certain server got No.1 in “Like” number. All other players in the server will gain an extra portion of coin who is in the same server with this player.Space-Time: The Strongest Ninja


1: At the end of the combat. Top of 128 player will qualified to win the Title of “The strongest Ninja”.

2: The top of 128 players will be divided into 8 group randomly, within the 8 groups, Player will match in 1 VS 1 model in 8 pairs and decide winners with 2 out of 3 sets. The final winner within 8 group will become the best 8.

3: The best 8 will be divided into 4 pairs randomly to match in 1 VS 1 model and decide the final with 3 out of 5 sets. Then, he or she will win the title of “The strongest Ninja”

4: During the match, if one player is offline and the other is online, online player wins. If both of them go offline, then the one with higher combat power wins.

5: During the game, player will finish the match within 10 rounds, if they cannot, the one with the higher HP wins.Rules:

1: During “The strongest Ninja” match, no matter win or lose, player will gain reward accordingly.

Winners will gain ——Quarter-final's victory gift pack。

Losers will gain ——Final's Better Luck Gift Pack。

2: The top 4 will gain special title and robe. There bonus will be valid till the start of next “The strongest Ninja” activity.

Champion——:Honor of the strongest

No 2,3,4——:Ruler’s Glory